FCT Combustion is pleased to announce a formal alliance with the Enelco Environmental Technology Co., Ltd (EETC).

EETC is a leading supplier of air pollution control equipment systems for the utilities, pulp and paper, steel and related industries.

FCT is the worldwide leading supplier of combustion system for iron ore, cement, lime and minerals industries.

FCT and EETC are joining forces to support the Chinese steel, cement, glass and other industries with innovative combustion equipment solutions to ensure production safety, conserve energy and control emissions.

EETC is the exclusive representative of FCT Combustion in China. EETC extensive capabilities, and resources shall be shared with FCT to service our valued Chinese customers.

The joint office is based in Nanjing, with an additional workshop based in Bengbu. From these facilities, FCT and EETC are forming teams to offer local technical support, engineering, and procurement capabilities to our valued customer base within China.

Michael Zhu, President of EETC, will become FCT’s China CEO and believes the alliance demonstrates a shared commitment to support the local market.

“We are delighted to have reached this agreement between FCT and EETC. Together, we are committed to delivering high performance solutions, which are proven to reduce emissions while maintaining high levels of quality and production output. China is the largest producer of both steel and cement worldwide, and we look forward to delivering state-of-the-art technologies and solutions to support the continued growth of these industries,” he said.

Adriano Greco, FCT Group CEO, believes the new office will improve the customer experience.

“We have great respect for our growing customer base within China and believe that it is important to establish a locally based business unit, so we can deliver the best outcomes and customer experiences, providing customer service and engineering according to the local culture and language as well as local procurement to offer the most cost-effective solution” he said.

The office based in Nanjing, China will join FCT’s existing network of international offices, which are located in the USA, Brazil, Austria, and Australia.

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艾尼科环保技术有限公司 (EETC)  很高兴宣布,与FCT Combustion公司(FCT)正式结盟

EETC 专注于大气污染颗粒物控制技术,为全球电力、造纸、冶金、建材、化工等领域提供高性价比的除尘解决方案与设备。

FCT 是拥有先进技术的全球燃烧系统供应商,产品主要应用于铁矿石、水泥、石灰和矿物业。

EETC 和 FCT将联手为中国的球团、水泥、玻璃等行业提供成熟的高性能燃烧解决方案和设备,保障安全生产,实现节能减排。



EETC 公司总裁朱合目先生,将出任FCT中国业务首席执行官,相信结盟后的本地化服务系统可以更好地支持中国市场。

他表示:“非常高兴 FCT和 EETC 达成结盟协议,我们可以携手为中国客户提供高性能且技术成熟的燃烧器解决方案,帮助他们节能减排的同时,保证产量与品质。中国是全球最大的钢铁和水泥生产国,希望我们的先进技术和本地化的优质服务能够支持这些行业的持续增长,为他们带来更优质的燃烧器使用体验。”

FCT 集团首席执行官 Adriano Greco 相信,中国总代表处的设立,将提升客户体验。

他强调: “我们非常重视FCT在中国不断增长的客户群,而且相信成立中国总代表处至关重要。提供基于当地文化和语言的客户服务和技术支持,能为我们的中国客户提供最具性价比的解决方案。”

位于中国南京市的总代表处,将加入 FCT 公司现有的国际服务网络,此前FCT已在美国、巴西、奥地利和澳大利亚设立业务网点,提供本地化的技术支持。


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